About Us

LIT was launched in 2019, with the aim of creating a range of scented candles that not only look good and smell good, but do good. Here at LIT, our main focus is women. We are inspired by women, (hand)made by women, and made to support women.

LIT is a one-woman-show, created by Georgie Edgerton. Springing from her passion for design, homewares and love of bold colours and patterns, Georgie began by crafting candles for family and friends and alas, LIT was born. Each candle is designed, hand-poured, and packaged at our home studio in Melbourne, Victoria.

Each of the incredible fragrances belonging to our #WhoRunsTheWorld Range are named after an influential and equally inspirational woman. You’ll see on our website there is a small tribute to each of these women; outlining why they're such an inspiration to us here at LIT. 

In partnership with Room To Read, for every candle sold LIT is able to support a girl in school for a day; helping her to complete her secondary education. Why is this so important?

  • Educating girls is one of the most powerful tools you can wield against poverty
  • 750+ million people in the world are illiterate and ⅔’s of those are women and girls
  • Educated women are healthier, earn more income for their families and are greater contributors to their community and country
  • Girls are disadvantaged when it comes to education. Cultural bias, gender discrimination and safety concerns discourage women from learning

Here at LIT, we’re conscious of the environment and are constantly working towards improving our practices and reducing our negative impact. We use minimal packaging for our candles, opting not to have boxes that are usually disposed of immediately for any of our #WhoRunsTheWorld Range. When shipping your products, we carefully wrap your candles in either recycled bubble wrap passed on by a supplier or green wrap which is 100% recyclable. We only use biodegradable packing fill to protect your pretty packages - so chuck em' in your compost bin if you've got one! Depending on the size of each order, candles are shipped in 100% recycled boxes, 100% compostable satchels, or we personally recycle boxes sent to us with materials from suppliers. We also use only natural soy wax for all candles, and lead-free 100% cotton wicks.

LIT candles are all available for wholesale to independent boutiques and stores around Australia. We also love hosting a stand at markets across Victoria and (occasionally) interstate. Stay up-to-date with us on all upcoming market dates through our Instagram (@lit.candleco)

We offer custom orders and can work with you to develop unique candles for your business or event. Customisation can include type of jar, packaging, scent, labels, and incorporation of logos.

Please see our Stockists or Contact Us page if you’d like to make an enquiry.

Thank you so much for visiting our page and supporting small business. We really appreciate it.

Love, LIT x